Thai Town Designation





Goldberg Mover 1999 / Ferraro

Mo - The City of Los Angeles comprises a variety of communities that make up our rich tapestry of cultures. Periodically, the City designates a certain geopgraphic area with a name based upon historical significance, location and other unique Characteristics.

Within Ccl District 13 in the east Hollywood section, there is an area that is a major economic and cultural hub for the Thai Community of Los Angeles. There is a high concentration of Thai businesses and residents in east Hollywood. This area has also been the site of the annual Thai Cultural Day Parade for the last few years. According to a needs assessment survey in 1992 conducted by the non-profit Thai Community Development Corporation yielding 600 responses, there was overwhelming support for an official "Thai Town" designation by the City of Los Angeles.

In 1998, a Thai Town Formation Comt was formed consisting of diverse members from different sectors of the Thai community. The Committee formulated a community development, business improvement, and neighborhood beautification plan, which includes a recommendation that the City adopt the official "Thai Town" designation.

In 1999, organizers canvassed local residents, merchants, and property owners, and again discovered there is road-based community support for an official designation. The significance of an official "Thai Town" designation would be the promotion of neighborhood pride, multi-cultural/ethnic exchange, and tourism giving the Tai community a greater voice in Southern California.

It is important that the Ccl support this endeavor by directing the Department of Public Works (Bureau of Engineering) and Department of Transporation to provide the necessary resources to implement the designation of "Thai Town."

THEREFORE MOVE that the area of Hollywood Boulevard between Normandie Avenue and Western Avenue be designated as "Thai Town".

FURTHER MOVE that the Department of Public Works implement the designation of "Thai Town."

FURTHER MOVE that the Department of Transportation be instructed to design and install signs at appropriate locations in order to identify "Thai Town."


10-20-99 - This days Ccl session - File to Cal Clk for placement on next available Ccl agenda
10-27-99 - Mo ADOPTED
11-1-99 - File in files
7-11-00 - File to Gerald Gubatan - CD13 - 53353
8-1-00 - File in files
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