Note: This DVD is only viewable with television DVD players.
Hovhannes Toumanian's epic poem about love and loss comes alive in this beautifully produced short-film. Share the timeless passion of this wonderful short-film with your friends and loved ones for years to come. Own the full-length "Akhtamar" DVD today! 

Format: DVD (TV only)
Running Time: 9:34 minutes
Language: Armenian (English subtitles)
Produced By: Molorak Films
Directed By: Zohrab Ohanessian

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What People Are Saying
"You have filled a void, and taken up a challenge that is long overdue in the Armenian Diaspora. Perhaps, it is a beginning..."
Hovanness (London)
"The background music, color, the actors and the translation have complemented one another and congratulations once again for a job well done."
Daniel (Glendale, USA)
"The images are soft and dreamy, making it very easy to get into the mood of the poem."
Araxe (Arizona, USA)
"This is the disc that every Armenian should not only keep in his library but be played often."
Dr. Levon (Georgia, USA)
"At the end of the clip I could see some wet eyes among the students. That's how I knew that the poetry reached their hearts."
Vahram (Sydney, Australia)
"Great is the work of art that touches the heart and the soul. 'Akhtamar' does exactly that."
Assadour (London, England)
"It was exciting for me to watch it. The background music and the narration is very well done."
Zaven (Calcutta, India)
"My brother, who is six years old, loved the film ... I would like to give your film two thumbs up ..."
Gevork (Toronto, Canada)
"It is artistic and vivid...the beat of the music...the pulse of Hovannes Toumanian's words."
Narini (Watertown, MA, USA)
"I'm really happy that somebody is finally bringing our culture's poetry to life visually and aurally."
Arno (California)
"The feeling I had after watching your film was to bless God for giving to man the ability of creation."
Mushegh (Seattle, USA)
"Congratulations for your most worthy efforts in presenting to the world a unique art form that succeeds in highlighting what's admirable in the Armenian spirit."
Loris (Boston College)
"...marvelous piece of art..."
Berge (Milan, Italy)
"...beautiful landscape photography..."
Levon (France)