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Simon Vratzian (1882-1969 AD)

A political activist, educator, writer, editor, and statesman, Simon Vratzian joined the ARF in Tiflis as a student. In the early years of the twentieth century, he traveled throughout Asia Minor as an ARF organizer. For a time he served as the editor of "Hairenik" in Boston and then "Horizon" in Tiflis. During the first Republic, he held the position of Member of Parliament and later Minister of Labor and Minister of Agriculture. In 1920 Vratzian became Prime Minister. After the fall of the Republic, he traveled to many countries, working as a community organizer. In 1952, Vratzian settled in Beirut, where he served as principal of the Nishan Palandjian Jemaran until his death. In 1928, he published "The Armenian Republic", his account of the establishment and the history of the Republic, and later he wrote his Memoirs in six volumes. The quote that begins the timeline is the first paragraph of Vratzian's "Memoirs."

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