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Basic Words = Sovorakan bareyr

Yes = Ayo
No = Votch
Thank you = Shenorhagal em
Thank you very much = Shad Shenorhagal em
You're welcome = Pari yegar
Please = Hadjiss
Excuse me = Neroghoutioun
Hello = Parev
Goodbye = Menak parov
So long = Tsedesoutioun
Good morning = Pari louyce
Good afternoon = Pari gessor
Good evening = Pari yerego
Good night = Pari irigoun

I do not understand = Yess tchem hasgenar
How do you say this in [English]? = Intchbess gessess [Anklerenov]?
Do you speak ... = Geh khossis?
Armenian = Hayeren
English = Ankleren
French = Franseren
German = Kermaneren
Spanish = Spaneren
Chinese = Tchinaren

I = Yess
We = Menk
You (singular, familiar) = Toun
You (singular, formal) = Touk
You (plural) = Touk
They = Anonk
What is your name? = Intch eh anounet?
Nice to meet you. = Ourakh em kezi hantibelov.
How are you? = Intcbess es?
Good = Lav
Bad = Vad, Kesh
So so = Votch shad lav

Wife = Digin
Husband = Amoussin
Daughter = Aghtchig
Son = Degha
Mother = Mayr
Father = Hayr
Friend = Paregam

Where is the bathroom? Where is the toilet? = Oor eh paghnikeh?

Want to try something really cool?

Google's translation service, called Google Translate, now supports the Armenian language. Through Google Translate, you can actually listen to the Armenian translation of the words on this page. Go to Google Translate's Armenian translation page here, type or copy and paste the English word or phrase you want to translate into the empty box, and click on the microphone icon on the right-hand side of the screen. Presto! Google's software plays the (Eastern) Armenian translation (in a robotic voice). Not a bad start, Google!