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Travel = Chanabarhourtotyoun

Where is ...? = Our eh..?
How much is the fare? = Vorkan eh djampou dzaghkeh
Ticket = Gedron
One ticket to ..., please. = Gedron meh..., Hadjiss
Where are you going? = Our gertass?
Where do you live? = Our gabriss?

Train = Shokegark
Bus = Otobus
Subway, Underground = getini daki tramva
Airport = Otagayan
Train station = Shokegarki Gayan
Bus station = Otobusi gayan
Subway station, Underground station = stantsi
Departure = Djamportelik Jameh
Arrival = Hassnelik Jameh
Car rental agency = Inknasharj vartselik krasenyag
Parking = parking

Hotel = Bantog
Room = Senyag
Reservation = Abahovel
Are there any vacancies for tonight? = Barab degh ga ayss kisher?
No vacancies = Barab degh tchegah

Passport = passport

Want to try something really cool?

Google's translation service, called Google Translate, now supports the Armenian language. Through Google Translate, you can actually listen to the Armenian translation of the words on this page. Go to Google Translate's Armenian translation page here, type or copy and paste the English word or phrase you want to translate into the empty box, and click on the microphone icon on the right-hand side of the screen. Presto! Google's software plays the (Eastern) Armenian translation (in a robotic voice). Not a bad start, Google!