Little Armenia Designation





Goldberg Mover 2000 / Chick

Mo - The City of Los Angeles comprises a variety of communities that make up our rich tapestry of cultures. In recognition of this diversity the City occasionally designates a certain geographic area with a name based upon historical significance, location and other unique characteristics. Within Council District 13 in the E. Hollywood section, there is an area that is the traditional birthplace of the Armenian community of Los Angeles and a major economic and cultural hub for the Armenian community. This area contains a high concentration of Armenian businesses and residents and social and cultural institutions including schools, churches, social and athletic organizations.

The Armenian business and residential community in this area has indicated an overwhelming support for an official "Little Armenia" designation by the City of Los Angeles. Organizers have canvassed local residents, merchants, and property owners, and have confirmed that there is broad-based community support for an official designation. The significance of an official "Little Armenia" designation would be the promotion of neighborhood pride, multi-cultural/ethnic exchange, and tourism giving the Armenian community a more identifiable presence and voice in Los Angeles.

In order to proceed with this designation, action is needed to approve it and to direct the Dept of PW (Bureau of Eng) and DOT to provide the necessary resources to implement the designation of "Little America."

THEREFORE MOVE that the area bounded on the north by Hollywood Blvd between the 101 Freeway and Vermont Ave, on the east by Vermont Avenue from Hollywood Blvd to Santa Monica Blvd, on the south by Santa Monica Blvd between Vermont Ave and the 101 Freeway and on the west by the 101 Freeway from Santa Monica Blvd to Hollywood Blvd be designated as "Little Armenia."

FURTHER MOVE that the Dept of Public Works be directed to implement the designation of "Little Armenia."

FURTHER MOVE that the DOT be instructed to design and install signs at appropriate locations in order to identify "Little Armenia."


9-29-00 - This days Ccl session - File to Cal Clk for placement on next available Ccl agenda
10-6-00 - Mo ADOPTED
10-11-00 - File in files