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Silva Kapoutikyan

His lips sounded "Eve," but his soul echoed "Lilith."
A. Issahakian

A spark kindled from the twin rocks of early man
Are you, an undulating vision of neon lights-
From the beginning an other being, eternal, infinite, endless,
Lilith, Lilith.

You, the secret shielded from the eyes of centuries,
Burning in the soul's most hidden fire,
You in your mystery are most sweet, most precious,
Lilith, Lilith.

You are a celebration clinging in a fastness of our hearts,
A wellspring of desire, fervor, aspiration, joy,
You are the body and the wing and the fall,
Lilith, Lilith.

Everywhere around us are earth, bread, concern, while you remain the dream,
You, always a brightness, always different, every day new,
Alluring, tormenting, burning-the fire that consumes us all,
Lilith, Lilith.

There is a secret, intimate room and you are the path to it,
A hearth is there, and you are its restless blazing,
A calm is there, and you its unceasing torment,
Lilith, Lilith.

And there is Eve, while you remain invalid, indistinct,
Fruitless, but of our blood, you, the fire's roar,
Alone, alone-cast from earth, from heaven, from paradise,
Lilith, Lilith.

About The Poet

Silva Kapoutikyan

Silva Kapoutikyan was born in 1919 in Yerevan, capital of Soviet Armenia. Her father died before she was born. After finishing her secondary school, she entered the Faculty of Philology at the Yerevan State University and graduated in 1941. She studied for tow years at the Gorky Literary Institute in Moscow in 1949. Her first book of poems was published in 1945, followed by many more over the years. She won a State Prize in 1952, and she enjoys wide popularity. Her poems have also been published in a number of languages of the Soviet Union.