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Maro Markaryan

There is something in this world
called justice.
Compensation, Restitution
are its other names.
But never Punctual.
On the contrary it always comes
too late. Like a missed love,
timed wrong, worse when it arrives
than if it never had come.
Causing more pain.
There is something in this world
named Justice that arrives late
to find a new name on its door,

About The Poet

Maro Markaryan

Mao Markaryan was born in Shoulaver, Georgia, now called Shaumian. She graduated from the Philological Institute at Yerevan State University and did graduate work in Moscow. She and Kapoutikyan are the two main women poets in Armenia.

Her work is lucid and lyrical and frequently deals with social problems. She uses homey images for larger issues. Her many published works include Poems (1945), The Mother's Voice (1950), Lyric Dawn (1957), After the Snow's Thaw (1965), and From the Depth of the Deep Days (1975).