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Gevorg Emin

A cloud is passing
through my heart
leaving a cold shapeless longing.

And you, what are you doing
right this minute?
This cold foggy night?
Are you at home?

With your face
against the window glass
watching for me?

Or are you out tonight,
head high and laughing?
Well, you cannot escape
completely! I know
wherever you are
this cloud will pass
through your heart too.

About The Poet

Gevorg Emin

Gevorg Emin graduated from the Polytechnic Institute as a hydraulic engineer in 1940. Later he studied at the Corky Institute of Literature in Moscow. Concrete images and complex relationships between human nature and technology shape his metaphors.

Emin's poetry is marked with both subtlety and forthright wit. It translates well, and has been translated into many languages. Although musical and rhythmic, it does not depend on those qualities for its appeal. Boris Pasternak admired Emin's work and translated it into Russian. On a tour of the United States with Emin, Yevtushenko told the press that he wished he too wrote in Armenian, like Emin, so that Pasternak would translate his poetry.

Emin's book, Land, Love, Era, won the 1976 Soviet State Literary Prize.