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In the Woods
Hamo Sahyan

There were small clouds in the woods,
Blue mist hung in the woods,
Autumn hummed softly in the woods,
But still the trees could not fall asleep.

There were whisperings in the woods,
And a richness of wet fragrance,
Shadows and lanes twined closely,
And traces, traces of men.

The dew silvered the mushroom caps,
The wild almond tree looked chill,
The wind came to rest in the glade,
Tilted to the sounds of thunder.

The deer calf, its muzzle moss-covered,
Leaps at its mother's cry,
And through the wet grass, the hunter
Seeks the lost trace of the deer.

The woodman sings his old song again
And oils the warming saw again,
The breadfruit tree doesn't hear
The hushed sigh of the fallen oak.

Before the forest warden's hut
A bonfire gives up peaceful smoke,
And the green fir near the fire
Talks heartily with the cypress.

There were mysteries deep in the woods,
Echoes abounded in the woods,
Though autumn hummed softly in the woods,
The trees still could not fall asleep.

About The Poet

Hamo Sahyan

A native of Sissian, Armenia, Sahyan completed his studies in Baku and served in the Soviet Navy during World War II. He is the author of numerous volumes of poetry: On the Banks of Vorodan (1946), Sail (1947), The Rainbow in the Steppes (1953), In Flight (1955), Armenia in Songs (1962), The Song of Stone Banks (1968), and many others.