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You Don't Know
Gourgen Mahari

Like silver spoons,
like singing crystal,
your voice is clear and round.
It shakes my heart like bells.
You don't know how you sound.

Like uncaught rays,
in marine blue,
your eyes shine into mine.
My dizzy heart fills up
with terror and with love.
You don't know how you shine.

You are so unaware
of your blue-silver spell
and how I want to share
the light and blueness there.
You are so unaware.

About The Poet

Gourgen Mahari

Gourgen Mahari was born in Van and during the massacres escaped to eastern Armenia, where he spent his late childhood in orphanages. He later attended Yerevan State University. His poetry began appearing in 1917. Several volumes later he was established as a strong lyric voice. During the Stalinist purges he was jailed for nationalistic tendencies (references to his home and childhood). He was exiled to Siberia until 1953. His experiences and suffering in the concentration camps are described with wit and dark humor in the novel Blossoming Barbed Wires. This work has been compared to Solzhenytsin's novels. Besides poetry, he wrote several other novels and a book of memories.