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The Beutiful Ones
Vahan Tekeyan

The beatiful one is always she who walked past you one day
And anointed your eyes- a divine visitor,
You failed to turn and look back at such beauty,
And you did not wish to meet her again.

The beatiful one is forever, always and ever,
She who grew into grace under the warmth of your eyes,
Who swayed like a flower in the sweet spring winds,
And when you went away, she stayed always fresh in your mind, ever fragrant

And the beautiful one- you know her delightful name-
Is she who might have loved you after all,
Who certainly guessed your love and waited eagerly for you,

But she is one whose heart it`s just as well you did not wound-
Ah, the beautiful ones are only they who through your desires
Came and went away, but who call you now from afar...

About The Poet

Vahan Tekeyan

Vahan Tekeyan was known as a perfectionist, because he always looked for the precise word. He was born in Istanbul in 1978 and educated in the Armenian schools there. His first poems were collected and published in 1901. Besides his own books, he published translations of French symbolist poetry and the sonnets of Shakespeare. The sonnet remained his favorite form.

During the 1896 persecutions, Tekeyan left Istanbul for Europe. He returned, but subsequently settled in Egypt, where he was active in Armenian political life and edited the Armenian newspaper, Arev.

His books are "Burdens" (1901), "The Wonderful Rebirth" (1914), "From Midnight Until Dawn" (1918), "Love" (1933), "Armenian Songs" (1943), and "Book of Odes" (1944).