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Stone Carved with Crosses
Vahagn Davtian

In the thorns,
in the rocks,
in the wind,
in the storms,
through the snows
through the scorch
alone and modest
against the sky
against the sun
a pillar of grief
a column of conscience
against time
like beauty

About The Poet

Vahagn Davtian

Vahakn Davtian was born and educated in Erevan. He is a major contemporary poet.

His first book, First Love, appeared in 1947 and was followed by The Dawn of the World (1950), Daybreak in the Mountains (1957), The Road Through the Heart (1955), Summer Thunder (1964), The Song of Wine (1966), Smoke From the Chimney (1969), and The Burning Bush (1972).

Davtian's poetry, like others of his generation, still shows the influence of the massacres, the lost lands, and the long wait for world justice.