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When the Rain Passes
Hrachia Hovhannisian

Once the rain passes, I will leave the village
And go out running in the fields,
Become lost among the springs,
Caressing the flowers.

The wind will carry the dew to my face,
The trees begin swaying in the wind,
And delighted by the rainbow's play I
Will get lost among the lanes.

I will enter the woods, wander among
The hills and valleys, drunk with the pure taste of the air,
Offer my bright imaginings to the mountains
And my love to the gentle breeze.

I will take away with me a ray, a fragrance, a hue
From each one and from all -
Roam, fill the longings tumbling in me,
Longings bound with the earth of my native land.

I will take away with me a ray, fragrance, a hue,
And gather them into my songs,
And with these songs, my endearing homeland,
Leave with you what you have given me.

About The Poet

Hrachia Hovhannisian

Hrachia Hovhanissian was born in 1920 in the village of Shahab. Hovhanissian is a lyrical poet.

His first book of poems, "The Song of My Life" was published in 1948. "A Second Meeting", "A Wonderful Gardener", "Sea Silence", "A Wild Rose", "The Sword on the Laurel", "A Paternal Song" followed the first collection.

Hrachia Hovhanissian has translated the works of A. Pushkin, N. Nekrasov, and L. Aragon.