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Siamanto, or Adam Yerjanian, in his work and life personifies the ideal poet-as-hero. He was a popular activist and critically acclaimed poet. born in Akn, Western Armenia, Siamanto was educated in Istanbul and Paris, at the faculty of philosophy of Sorbonne. He traveled to Switzerland, Egipt, London, Vienna, and the United States before returning to Istanbul. Two of his collections of poetry, In the manner of a Hero (1902) and The Invitation from the Fatherland (1903), show his own interpretation of European poetic trends at the turn of the century. His indignation at the fate of his people, plus his incantational, ceremonial style, made him one of the most beloved writers of his day. He was among the intellectual leaders killed right before the massacre of the population in 1915.

Poems by Siamanto:

A Handful of Ash
The Glory of Invention