Add Your Company's Photo

Do you want everyone to see what a great business you have?
Now you can by adding a photo of your business right here on

How do I add my company's photo?
There are two ways you can add your company's photo on our website:

  1. You can email us an image file with the following:

    • Your name
    • Your business name, address, telephone
    • A picture file in gif, jpg, or png format
      Note: file should be less than 40k in size with maximum dimensions of 400w x 400h

    Once we receive and verify your photo, we will post it on our site within 3 business days.

  2. Or, you can send us an email and include the following:

    • Your name
    • Your business name, address, telephone
    • Best day and time for photo appointment

    Once we receive and confirm your information, we will send a photographer to take a picture of your business. Your photo will be posted on within 5 business days.

How much does this cost?
This service is FREE to all businesses within Little Armenia (Hollywood, California).

Who keeps the photos?
All photos will become the property of
All photos taken will be in a digital format. No negatives will be available.
A digital copy of the photos will be available for a nominal fee.

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