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Music Detail

Release Date:
Paul Baghdadlian
Song Titles:
1. Mortsir
2. Payloun Abaka
3. Ser'e
4. Bidi Kam
5. Tou Anhedatsar
6. Yar Ints Hamar
7. Siroun Atcherit
8. Anpoujeli
9. Khelakarvel Em
10. Hrajeshd

Welcome back Paul. In this new album Paul returns to his roots with new material that will remind you of his songs of yesteryear. Paul is known worldwide as a premiere and groundbreaking Armenian artist. His style has been imitated, yet never duplicated. Though a bit controversial at times he has a following unmatched by any artist of his caliber. Once you see him perform you'll never forget his schoolboy antics. His songs make his contemporaries feel young again, while singing about the things he loves most - "love & happiness". This album is a breath of fresh air and an example of progressive Armenian pop music. Whether you want to dance or feel romance this album has got it all.