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Release Date:
Various Artists
Oud & Zourna For Your Party
Modern Instrumental
Song Titles:
1. Hanina
2. Abarani Sharan
3. Avlem Tapem
4. Hakushta
5. Markeri Oror
6. Gayani Par
7. Gughasi Par
8. Arabia
9. Hovoi Par
10. Ukraianaka Par
11. Bulgharakan Par
12. Anchari Par
13. Kesari Par
14. Par

"Upbeat & Uplifting" If you wanna dance till the sun comes up then this is the album for you. Traditional Oud & Zurna with the beat of the dumbek to kick you in the pants, get you off your seat and on to the dance floor. Every DJ's best friend, just insert, play and dance till you drop.