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Release Date:
Hrant & Gayane
Hrant & Gayane
Song Titles:
1.Aman Maro
2. Orora Shorora
3. Tzorena Tzanel Em
4. Moosh Moosh
5. Aman Aman
6. Dashnag Dro
7. Da Keli
8. Lorke
10. Kochari
11. Tzagir Ents Hamar
12. Booboori

Hrant & Gayane are Armenians through and through. When Kevork Parseghian (owner of Parseghian Records) first met them in Armenia he knew he had an original act on his hands, he asked them if they could sing and the rest was history. Their debut album is a series of well recognized Armenian traditional circle and freestyle dances. Hrant & Gayane speak Armenian as well as any other kid on their block in Armenia. Don't let their looks fool you, they add a unique flavor to the Armenian music industry. This album has touched the hearts of all who've seen and heard it. Hrant & Gayane are here to stay, and their role in Armenian history may have just begun.