Sahag's Basturma
5183 Sunset Blvd.
Little Armenia (Hollywood)

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Sahag's Basturma
When traveling to Little Armenia in Hollywood, one place you have to visit is Sahag's (pronounced "Saw hogs") Basturma and Sandwich Shop on Sunset Boulevard. This little Armenian deli, in a small strip mall, is by far the best place anywhere in the world to try Basturma (Armenian cured meat) or Soujouk (spicy Armenian sausage). Since 1987, this deli has satisfied the appetite of the Armenian community of Los Angeles with the most powerful tasting cured meats in the world. Don't just take our word for it - drop by the deli or order a pound online to experience for yourself. We know you will be hooked for life.

"The Armenian cured beef called basturma may be the most powerfully flavored cold cut in the world, less a foodstuff than a force of nature, with a bit of the chewy translucence of first-rate Italian bresaola, a ripe, almost gamy back taste, and then -- pow! -- the onslaught of the seasoning, a caustic, bright-red slurry of hot pepper, fenugreek and a truly heroic amount of garlic that hits the palate with all the subtle elegance of a detonated land mine. The best place to try basturma in Los Angeles, or perhaps anywhere, is at Sahag's, a small, fragrant Armenian deli in the heart of East Hollywood". - Jonathan Gold (LA Weekly)

Sahag's Basturma storefront
Sahag's Basturma deli counter
Deli Counter
Sahag's soujouk hangin from the ceiling
Soujouk hanging from ceiling

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Armenian cured beef
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Armenian cured beef
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Armenian sausage
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Maaneg (or Maaneh)
Lebanese veal sausage
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