Gokor Chivichyan

Gokor's Hayastan Academy
Regarded as the best submission grappler in the United States, if not the world, Gokor Chivichyan has taken mixed martial arts to a whole new level. At his Hayastan Academy training facility in the Little Armenia District, he is teaching his world-class sparring skills to the future generations of Olympic and World Champions. In fact, his school is the #1 ranked judo, grappling, and sambo academy in the world.

A multiple World and European Champion in no-holds-barred mixed martial arts, Gokor travels the world giving seminars to champion fighters who participate in such tournaments as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Extreme, and Pancrase. Locally, he trains the LAPD self-defense instructors and has received city commendations for his services to the Los Angeles community. In addition, Gokor has taught the FBI and numerous SWAT teams across the United States.

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