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June 01, 2003

One day last month, we decided to walk up and down the streets of Little Armenia in search of a quiet, relaxing place to just sit down, listen to some good Armenian, Greek, Arabic, Russian, [insert your favorite language here] music, while enjoying a small cup of "soorj" (that's "coffee" for you non-Armenian speakers). On our little journey, we encountered a myriad of Armenian businesses, but, to our dismay, no Armenian cafés. Not a single one. Nevertheless, the troopers that we are, we continued marching down Hollywood Boulevard, toward the western-most border of Little Armenia, where we found a gem of a place, eventhough it wasn't Armenian.

Espresso Mi Cultura, a popular destination for creative artist types throughout the city of Los Angeles, is a latin-themed café right here in Little Armenia. This culturally rich coffeehouse features a community art gallery showcasing local latino talent, a bookstore that carries titles about Latinos and Latin America, and, of course, a full gourmet coffee bar. The café's latin influence, diverse patrons and soothing ambience make for a great escape from life's daily routine. Espresso Mi Cultura is unquestionably a great example of business, community and culture all blending together to bring a unique flavor to East Hollywood.

As our evening progressed, we continued to happily sip our delicious Mexican Mocha and Chocolate Mexicano while dreaming of the day when we will be able to do the same at an Armenian café that does an equally superb job of sharing the Armenian culture in our own Little Armenia District.

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