Mary Astadourian

Mary Astadourian Professional organizer Mary Astadourian has been organizing since she was a child when she would line up her dolls by height. Fortunately for her clients, she turned her passion for order into a career. She has taken on the challenges of organizing homes, offices, storage spaces, and eventually, the lives of supermodels, movie stars, and others, helping them to live tranquil, clutter-free lives and giving them piece of mind.

Maryís discovery of her calling, however, came after several major career transitions. Moving to New York straight out of college and armed with dreams of a future in journalism, Mary spent a year working in the press section at the United Nations only to decide it wasnít what she had hoped for. From there she worked in publishing, co-founded a company specializing in training corporate trainers, and was vice president of a production company. Four years ago, Mary was in the midst of studying to become an interior designer, when she accidentally got herself a paying job organizing someoneís home. The rest, as they say, is history and she hasnít looked back since.

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