Top 10 Places To Eat In Little Armenia

December 2005

Although it was an arduous task (big grin), we finally finished compiling a list of what we think are the best (Armenian) places to eat in Little Armenia of Hollywood. It took several long months of research, and an extra handle around the waistline, to put together what we believe is a very respectable list. Oh the sacrifices we make for our loyal visitors! Now, please keep in mind that we are not professional food critics. But, we love to eat as much as the next Armenian and that’s saying a lot! In fact, we have been often told “beranit hameh gides.” To translate, please find an Armenian friend. Ok, without much further adieu, we bring you The List. And, by the way, we’re not getting paid by any of these establishments in case there are any thoughts of politics involved with the selection process.

Category ratings scale: 10 being the highest possible score, 1 being the lowest

In alphabetical order...

Arax Falafel - address & phone
This little hole in the wall in a strip mall is touted by most Lebanese Armenians as having the best falafel this side of Beirut. Seating is limited here, so don't be surprised if you end-up eating in your car.

-food...8 (chicken/beef/falafel)
-service...7 (friendly but slow)
-price...8 ($4-8)

Bravo Pizza and Subs - address & phone
When we want a great sandwich in Little Armenia, Bravo Pizza and Subs is the ONLY place we go. They might have created Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches in Philadelphia, but we think these guys have perfected it. We also recommend their chicken sandwich.

-food...8 (pizza/subs)
-service..7 (fast)
-price...8 ($5-10)

Carousel - address & phone
Serving popular Armenian and Lebanese dishes for decades, you can't go wrong with lunch or dinner at Carousel. If you are catering your own party, definitely order their hummus, tabouleh, baba ganoush, and rice pilaf to go.

-food...8 (beef/chicken/more)
-service...6 (slow)
-price...8 ($3-12)

Golden Fish - address & phone
If you want to know what it's like to eat in Armenia, your best bet is Golden Fish on Hollywood Boulevard. Beside the main storefront, which is a deli counter, is a small patio where you can sit and order all sorts of meat kebobs and fish dishes. The food is so good that Armenians in the know cater their parties with their assorted kebobs of chicken, beef, and pork.

-food...7 (meat/fish/kebobs)
-service...7 (friendly but slow)
-price...7 ($6-10)

Paros - address & phone
Paros serves-up some great rotisserie style chicken and various kebob plates. They also have gyros for the Greek Armenians. This small eatery is attached to Jons Market on Santa Monica Blvd.

-food...7 (chicken/beef/gyros)
-service...8 (friendly but slow)
-price...8 ($4-8)

Marouch - address & phone
Hands down the most romantic and classy restaurant in Little Armenia is Marouch. The husband and wife team of Serge (Lebanese) and Sossi (Armenian) have created one of the most enjoyable places to spend an evening with that special someone.

-food...9 (beef/chicken/more)
-service...8 (fast)
-price...7 ($7-15)

Lory - address & phone
Looking for healthy fast food served Armenian style? This is the place for you and your Vegetarian friends. This little hole in the wall serves kebobs, rice, tabouleh, hummus, salads and many other Middle Eastern favorites a la carte. One of the cleanest eateries we have ever been to.

-food...7 (kebobs, rice, salad)
-service..8 (fast)
-price...8 ($4-7)

Sahag's Basturma - address & phone
A perennial favorite in Armenian households, this deli serves the best basturma in all of Los Angeles. Other popular items include soujouk (Armenian sausage) and ma'aneh (Lebanese sausage).

-food...8 (beef)
-service...8 (friendly and fast)
-price...8 ($4-9)

Sasoun Bakery - address & phone
If you have never tried what we call lahmejune (aka Armenian Pizza), this would be the place to experience your first. They also have a tasty date cookie, which is a great little snack. There's only metered street parking for this place, so expect to spend a little extra time driving around.

-food...9 (lahmejune, date cookies)
-service...8 (fast)
-price...9 ($2-5)

Zankou Chicken - address & phone
One of the most popular fast-food joints in all of Los Angeles, the original Zankou Chicken, owned and operated by an Armenian family from Lebanon, is located in the heart of Little Armenia. This place serves unforgettable crispy rotisserie chicken with a powerful garlic paste that will make your taste buds explode. Other honorable mentions include the beef and chicken shawerma sandwiches.

-food...9 (chicken/beef/falafel)
-service...8 (friendly and fast)
-price...8 ($4-10)

It was not possible for us to visit every single Armenian eatery in Little Armenia. If you know of a restaurant in Little Armenia that we should consider for our next list, please send us an email.